Become a Contractor

How to Become a Participating Contractor in the Program:

  • Meet Program Qualifications
    • Meet financial health criteria
    • Carry adequate insurances
    • Carry necessary licenses
  • Provide Program Documentation
    • Signed Agreements
    • Tax documents
    • Proof of program qualifications
  • Receive no cost Program-specific Classroom Training* (training requirements and incentives vary by subprogram)
    • Learn how to sell the Program
    • Learn how to perform the Program tasks
    • Learn how to earn incentives and enjoy the benefits of participation
  • Complete on-site Field Training
    • Train with Program staff
    • Train with Verification Services Provider (VSP)*
    • *Contractors performing tune-ups are required to partner with a program participating VSP
  • Complete and submit Customer Projects

Some of the Contractor Enrollment Forms are available for download.

To enroll as a Participating Contractor or for questions or comments, please call 888.369.1608, message us here or send us an email at

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!